Asias Children Board Expands

Asias Children continues to grow with two new board members!  Paula and Wanda Sauls join Mitch and Margaret Wofford and Laine and Christy Johnson to guide and advise the work of Asias Children.

Diaspora Studios

In order to present the needs of the Thailand children in the best light, Asias Children requested help from Diaspora Studios ( in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Darin and Staci responded with a freewill gift of their talents to take high quality pictures of the children, produce a short 5 minute video about them and produce a matching brochure.  We are very grateful for this timely help.


We recently had the opportunity to visit a dear lady who has been faithfully donating each month to Asias Children since we first made a home for Asian orphans.  We were so touched to learn that she had been praying for us every day.  It is God working through such magnificent faithfulness that has allowed Asias Children to cast a thin, golden lifeline across continents and oceans to help forgotten orphans in dark lands.  Thank you Vicki!

New Asias Children Orphanage Coming Soon!

Asias Children has been supporting 15 children in Burma since typhoon Nargis orphaned them in May 2008.  I am now happy to report that we have made substantial progress towards opening a new orphanage in Thailand in May 2012.  In partnership with Thai nationals, Asias Children plans to inaugurate a permanent new home for six orphan children.  They will live as a family with a mother and a father.  Almost $20,000 in resources has been raised, leaving only $5,600 needed for the structure, and about $80 per month needed for each child.

Meet Our Orphans: Shine and Kine

pictured: Shine

Shine is about 7 years old now.  He likes to eat fish and says he would like to be a teacher.  He has no parents.















pictured: Kine

Kine is about 8 years old now.  She likes to eat vegetables.  Her goal is to be a good person in life.  She has no parents.


Meet Our Orphans: Lily and Shin


Pictured: Lily

Lily is 12 years old.  She wants to be a medical doctor to help sick and disabled people like she has seen around her from many diseases.  Her father was killed in the May 2008 cyclone and her mother died from diseases that broke out after the storm came through.  She mostly likes to eat vegetables.















Pictured: Shin

Shin is 5 years old now.  She wants to be a social worker or to help poor people.  She mostly likes to eat fruit and her favorite is banana.  Her father and mother were killed by the May 2008 cyclone.

Lily, Shin and the other orphans now need medicines, warm clothes and umbrellas because of the heavy rains (Their bamboo home of almost three years was blown down in March)


Thailand Orphan blessed by Portland Waitress

Ruth from Meka

Pictured: Ruth with new shoes and pants

Not long ago Chris and Mary, two long-time supporters of Asias Children from Portland, Oregon were having breakfast at a local restaurant where they began discussing the work of Asias Children.  When they tried to leave a tip, their waitress refused it and asked them to give the money to Asias Children.  When they tried to pay for their breakfast, they found that it also had been paid, with directions that the money should go to support Asias Children.  Chris and Mary presented the $16 donation to Laine and Christy when they spoke at West Hills Community Church recently.

That donation was used to help “Ruth”, a Lisu orphan from Meka Lisu village.  John (Ahtee) Bee writes, “We went to her and bought school shoes and two pairs of pants.  She is very happy to get them, and grateful to you and to those who donated to her.  We were also very happy to have this opportunity to help a helpless orphan.”


Refugee helps Johnsons learn Lisu

Alexanders Family

Pictured: Alexanders Family

It is essential for a missionary to communicate with the people they are called to serve.  In a remarkable turn of events, Alexander, a former student of the Johnson’s from the Lisu Bible College in Thailand, arrived in Portland, Oregon after spending three years in a refugee camp.  Alexander, his wife Anyi, 3-year-old Grace and 8-month old Jose arrived in Portland last year.

Alexander works hard at his job and is studying to earn his GED.  He also aspires to attend Bible college.  Laine found Alexander on Face Book, and the two families have been getting together as frequently as possible since April.  In spite of his many responsibilities and limited resources, Alexander and his family have shown great hospitality.  He has taught Laine how to say 50 key Lisu phrases, and provides 10 more phrases each time we visit.

Grace and Christopher have great fun together even though they are jabbering away at each other in two different languages.  Christy is passing on some of her knitting and sewing expertise to Anyi, and Laine was able to add the Lisu font to Alexander’s computer so he can communicate with his Lisu friends back home in his native language.

Mangos planted at Thailand Orphanage

Johns wife, mother and daughter helped with the planting

Pictured: Johns wife, mother and daughter helped with the planting

In June, John (Ahtee) Bee, his wife Warin, daughter Anna and some members of Hwi Nam Rin church planted 300 mango trees at the future site of the Thailand orphanage and educational center.

John plants mango trees

Pictured: John plants mango trees

When complete, the facility will house up to 12 orphans, and function as a supplementary educational center for the children of Hwi Nam Rin and other nearby villages.  As they mature, the mango trees will provide shade and beauty for the children.  Extra mangos can be sold to help the children buy school supplies.

Fast Food

Pictured: Fast Food



Asias Children scheduled for Camp Grove

From July 10th through July 15th; Laine, Christy and Christopher Johnson will be missionaries at Camp Grove near Cottage Grove, Oregon.  They will bridge the gap between Middle Schoolers from all over Oregon and the Lisu people and culture from Southeast Asia by telling stories, showing pictures and setting up a “cultural display center” at the camp.  Our thanks to Ahren Cahoon of Florence Church for the invitation.

Grove Camp Sign