Exciting News!

Happy about new home

We have exciting and wonderful news to report! We have been working with John Bee (Bya Ahtee), a Lisu tribal

Waiting for a real home

pastor from northern Thailand to construct a permanent orphanage for children who have lost their parents, or who are at risk of being exploited in other ways, such as the human trafficking industry. Many of you had the opportunity to meet with John when he visited the Pacific Northwest and attended the Family Camp at Camp Grove in the summer of 2010. In 2007 we began planning the orphanage project, and some children began to have hope that they could live together with John and his wife Warin as a real family in their own home. Fundraising was slow at first, but I am excited to announce that we have only $11,000 remaining to complete the orphanage! We must raise $5,000 during the next month so they can move into some finished rooms, and then the final $6,000 can be raised in the following months.

I am also happy to report that giving has increased over the last six months so that we can immediately bring in six children when the home is complete.

Thailand Children's Home under construction

Finally, the yearly school fees for each child are due soon. We want the children registered for school near the new children’s home, because if they are registered where they are now, they will not be able to join John’s family for nine months. They have been waiting so long, so I told John that they could come in June, and that we would arrange the funding. I spoke on behalf of those who care about these children, and I apologize if I spoke out of turn when I made this commitment.

On behalf of the children we are asking you to help them with these things:

School Fees $15/month
Living costs $80/month
Complete 2 rooms so children can join
Johns’ family in June $5,000
Complete Children’s Home $6,000


To help these children, send funds to

Community Vision International
P.O. Box 33286  Portland, OR  97292-3286

Make check payable to Community Vision International
In the memo field designate P074AC (This gets the funds to Asias Children!)
Yours in Jesus,

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