Only $5K needed to Complete Thai Children's Home

The Bible says that, “God sets the lonely in families” (Psa 68:6)  Since our six Thailand orphans have been waiting to live in a family for almost two years now, we decided to raise funds to build a temporary three-year orphanage on the Hwi Nam Rin property.  John proposed that we partner with him and use the funds to build a permanent home for the orphans near Doi Saket.  We are raising $10,000 by December, and we have already raised about $2,500 for this project.  Six orphans can move in by May if their monthly money is raised.  It costs about $80 per month to provide for all the needs of the orphans.  It will be a happy day for them when they are placed in their very own family!

3 comments to Only $5K needed to Complete Thai Children’s Home

  • Rick and Junelle Steiner

    How can we help? Where would we send funds? Would they be tax deductible? Is there a church that his ministry is affiliated with? Thanks so much for any information. Laine and Christy Johnson are friends of my family. I have known Christy since I (Junelle) was a child.
    God bless,
    Rick and Junelle Steiner

    • Rick and Junelle Steiner

      After visiting more on your website, I have found answers to most of my questions I just posted. Sounds like you are a part of a wonderful work there in Asia. May God continue to bless your efforts there.

  • Laine and Christy Johnson

    Thanks for the kind words, Junelle!