Thailand Orphan blessed by Portland Waitress

Ruth from Meka

Pictured: Ruth with new shoes and pants

Not long ago Chris and Mary, two long-time supporters of Asias Children from Portland, Oregon were having breakfast at a local restaurant where they began discussing the work of Asias Children.  When they tried to leave a tip, their waitress refused it and asked them to give the money to Asias Children.  When they tried to pay for their breakfast, they found that it also had been paid, with directions that the money should go to support Asias Children.  Chris and Mary presented the $16 donation to Laine and Christy when they spoke at West Hills Community Church recently.

That donation was used to help “Ruth”, a Lisu orphan from Meka Lisu village.  John (Ahtee) Bee writes, “We went to her and bought school shoes and two pairs of pants.  She is very happy to get them, and grateful to you and to those who donated to her.  We were also very happy to have this opportunity to help a helpless orphan.”


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