Refugee helps Johnsons learn Lisu

Alexanders Family

Pictured: Alexanders Family

It is essential for a missionary to communicate with the people they are called to serve.  In a remarkable turn of events, Alexander, a former student of the Johnson’s from the Lisu Bible College in Thailand, arrived in Portland, Oregon after spending three years in a refugee camp.  Alexander, his wife Anyi, 3-year-old Grace and 8-month old Jose arrived in Portland last year.

Alexander works hard at his job and is studying to earn his GED.  He also aspires to attend Bible college.  Laine found Alexander on Face Book, and the two families have been getting together as frequently as possible since April.  In spite of his many responsibilities and limited resources, Alexander and his family have shown great hospitality.  He has taught Laine how to say 50 key Lisu phrases, and provides 10 more phrases each time we visit.

Grace and Christopher have great fun together even though they are jabbering away at each other in two different languages.  Christy is passing on some of her knitting and sewing expertise to Anyi, and Laine was able to add the Lisu font to Alexander’s computer so he can communicate with his Lisu friends back home in his native language.

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